The Inevitability of FPGAs In the Datacenter

The Inevitability Of FPGAs In The Datacenter

Just when you though that the demise of Moore’s Law meant the end of datacenter performance, FPGAs enter the fray to save the day.

The wonderful serendipity is that just at the time that the CPU can no longer be the sole and primary unit of compute in the datacenter for many workloads – for a whole host of reasons – the FPGA has come into its own, offering performance, low latency, sophisticated networking and memory, the heterogeneous compute capabilities of modern FPGA system on chips, which are arguably compute complexes and nearly complete systems in their own right at the high end of the product lines from FPGA suppliers.

But FPGAs can and do play well with other devices in hybrid systems, and we think are just beginning to finding their natural places in the hierarchy of compute.


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