Day: January 17, 2020

Neural Networks

My Neural Networks from the Ground Up Talk from Philly Azure DataFest

Here’s my talk from the Azure Data Fest Philly 2020 last week! Neural networks are an essential element of many advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. However, few people understand the core mathematical or structural underpinnings of this concept. In this session, learn the basic structure of neural networks and how to build out a simple […]

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Azure IoT

Microsoft France: Christopher Maneu Talks IoT and Cloud

In this episode of CodeStories, Seth Juarez joins local Cloud Advocate, Christopher Maneu, on a tour of the Microsoft office in Paris, his remote office,  and a scuba diving club. Learn how Christopher has automated a logbook with IoT Retrofitting Get the latest articles, documentation, and events from Microsoft.Source—the curated monthly developer community newsletter […]

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PyTorch steps up to help handling larger than life models
AI Python

PyTorch Helps Handle Larger than Life Models

PyTorch is a project written in a combination of Python, C++, and CUDA which was mainly developed in Facebook’s AI research lab. It has shared a repository with deep learning framework Caffe2 since 2018 and is one of the main competitors to Google’s TensorFlow. Here’s a write up of a recent update that adds distributed model […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Supremacy and When Will Quantum Computers Be a Thing?

Last year, Google announced that they had achieved quantum supremacy – but what does that mean? And does it even matter? SciShow examines what it means.

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