Day: January 16, 2020

Azure SQL Server

How to connect to Azure SQL Database from Azure Data Studio

Want to get started with Azure Data Studio ( but don’t know where to begin? In this video, Anna Hoffman shows you how to get connected to Azure SQL Database for the first time using Azure Data Studio.

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Natural Language Processing TensorFlow

Sentiment Analysis With Tensorflow 2

Machine Learning with Phil show you how to do sentiment analysis with TensorFlow 2 in this natural language processing (NLP) tutorial. This natural language processing model is relatively straight forward, as it’s just an encoder coupled to some bidirectional layers and a couple dense layers to handle the classification. We’ll compare two different models, one […]

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Quantum Computing

Will Quantum Computing Change the World?

Vern Brownell, CEO, D-Wave Systems, takes the stage to talk about the change that Quantum computing will make in the world, and it will be the complementary to A.I. and machine learning.#WorldGovSummit “Quantum computing addresses possibilities that are incomprehensible with the most sophisticated supercomputers of today”

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Natural Language Processing Speech and Voice

Enterprise Conversational User Experiences with Virtual Assistants

This session from Ignite 2019 walks you through how to use Microsoft Bot Framework and Virtual Assistant to create truly unique experiences for enterprise users through numerous channels. See how to leverage each of these tools and be able to understand how to put the concepts into reality.

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