Day: January 13, 2020

Natural Language Processing Python

Natural Language Processing in Python

PyOhio posted this great talk by Alice Zhao on NLP in Python. Natural language processing (NLP) is an exciting branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows machines to break down and understand human language. As a data scientist, I often use NLP techniques to interpret text data that I’m working with for my analysis. During […]

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Economics of AI Robotics

Samsung Bot Chef First Look at CES 2020

Engadget has a first look at Samsung’s robot chef. Normally when I miss breakfast, it’s by choice. Today, it was because I was in a rush to get to Samsung’s booth on the CES show floor and see if I could get any face time with the company’s cute new rolling robot. (That, uh, didn’t […]

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Trends 2020

In this special episode, Principal Program Manager, Chris Segura, and Forbes Tech Council member, Mike Walker, talk about what they see as the top blockchain trends for 2020 and what they are hearing from companies deploying solutions. Trend 1: Practical Blockchain Emerges Blockchain is being leveraged in practical use cases today and are expanding in […]

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Azure IoT

Geofencing with Azure Maps

Geofencing has many practical applications. A geofence is a virtual boundary defining an area on a map. Using tools in Azure Maps, Jim demos how to test if a coordinate is inside or outside the Microsoft Redmond campus boundary. It can be used to send an alert if an expensive piece of machinery leaves a […]

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Best Way to Understand the Mind is to Build It

Lex Fridman explains that the best way to understand the mind is to build it in the clip from the opening lecture of the MIT Deep Learning lecture series. Full video: Website: This is a clip from the opening lecture of the MIT Deep Learning lecture series. Full video: Website:

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The Python Walrus Operator

Tech With Tim discusses one of the exciting changes to python 3.8, the walrus operator. The walrus operator is otherwise known as the assignment expression operator and it provides a way to write more readable code. It can be used inside expressions to assign a variable to a part of that expression. All 3.8 Changes […]

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Using the new Expression Transform in ML.NET

Jon Wood shows us how to use the new Expression Transform in ML.NET. Code – Expression Transform Documentation –

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Future Quantum Computing

Explaining the Hype Over Quantum Computers

In October 2019, Google announced its 53-qubit quantum computer named Sycamore had achieved ‘quantum supremacy.’ That’s when quantum computers can complete tasks exponentially more quickly than their classical counterparts. In this case, Google said its quantum machine completed a task in 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful computer 10,000 years to […]

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AI in 2020

Siraj Raval gets back to inspiring people to get into AI and pokes fun at himself. Almost exactly 4 years ago I decided to dedicate my life to helping educate the world on Artificial Intelligence. There were hardly any resources designed for absolute beginners and the field was dominated by PhDs. In 2020, thanks to […]

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