Day: January 6, 2020

AI Ethics Microsoft

Fireside Chat with Anca Dragan

Microsoft Research just posted this Fireside Chat with Anca Dragan and Eric Horvitz.

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IoT Science

5G Explained

With CES 2020 taking place this week, there is sure to be a lot of hype around 5G. But what exactly is 5G? Marques Brownlee explains.

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A Breakthrough in Graph Theory

Numberphile explains a recent breakthrough in graph theory A counterexample to Hedetniemi’s conjecture – featuring Erica Klarreich. Read Erica Klarreich’s Quanta article on this subject: And visit her website: Yaroslav Shitov’s breakthrough paper:

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Hardware Science

EUV: Lasers, plasma, and the Tech that Will Make Chips Faster

While the quantum computing age may be “just around the corner,” traditional computing is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, innovation there is increasing to keep up the promise of Moore’s Law. Engadget takes a look at the process behind making microchips faster. Microchips are one of the most complicated objects humanity has created, […]

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AI Python

Use ML.NET in Python to Create a Linear Regression Model with NimbusML

Jon Wood demonstrates how to use ML.NET within Python by using the NimbusML package. This video also gives an example of creating a linear regression model. Notebook – NimbusML documentation –

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