Day: December 20, 2019


Global AI Bootcamp Keynote

Recently the Global AI Community held their annual Global AI Bootcamp where Eric Boyd (Corporate Vice President of Azure AI) was the keynote speaker. Due to the scheduling of the event, I was unable to make the DC one. In this video, Eric Boyd and Seth Juarez discuss Azure AI’s strategy and focus for the […]

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A Fascinating Thing about Fractions

The Dynamical Uniform Boundedness Conjecture with Dr Holly Krieger,  the Corfield Lecturer at the University of Cambridge as well as a Fellow at Murray Edwards College.

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Azure Data

How to Share Data in Place from Azure Data Explorer

Azure Data Share enables organizations to share data simply, safely and with plenty of flexibility when it comes to data sources and modes of sharing. In this episode of Azure Friday, Joanna Podgoetsky joins Donovan Brown to walks through how organizations can share data with no data movement through a new capability which enables in-place […]

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