Day: December 12, 2019


Local Functions in C#

In this video, learn how to use local functions in C#. To learn more about other C# features, head over to Useful Links Local Functions What’s new in C# 7.0

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Big Data SQL Server

Query HDFS Data Inside SQL Server Big Data Cluster

In this video, you will see how to use PolyBase in SQL Server 2019 big data cluster to query data from HDFS and join the data with other tables in the database. Read more about configuring PolyBase to query HDFS.

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Business Open Source

The Rise Of Open-Source Software

CNBC explores the rise of open source software and how it went from fringe movement to mainstream and core to the every enterprise. Open-source software powers nearly all the world’s major companies. This software is freely available, and is developed collaboratively, maintained by a broad network that includes everyone from unpaid volunteers to employees at […]

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AI Podcasts

Judea Pearl on Causal Reasoning, Counterfactuals, Bayesian Networks, and the Path to AGI

Lex Fridman interviews Judea Pearl is a professor at UCLA and a winner of the Turing Award. The Turing Awards is the Nobel Prize of computing. Judea Pearl is a professor at UCLA and a winner of the Turing Award, that’s generally recognized as the Nobel Prize of computing. He is one of the seminal […]

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Azure IoT

Azure Sphere for Developers

Did you want to find out how to get started with Azure Sphere? Watch Mike Hall and Olivier Bloch bring up a Seeed Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit using the Azure Sphere SDK and Visual Studio 2019. Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. Learn […]

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