Day: December 9, 2019


Ugly Sweaters and Why IoT is Fun for Everyone!

An Ugly Sweaters are a great tradition but how can we make them even better ( is an IoT-enabled Ugly Sweater. In this episode of the IoT Show, Olivier Bloch is joined by Jim Bennett, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Jim has built an Ugly Sweater using Azure IoT Central, Microsoft’s IoT app platform, […]

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AI Azure

Azure Cognitive Search

How can organizations do more with their data using the and AI capabilities of Azure Cognitive Search. Watch this video to see how they can take data from databases and files and easily mine it for additional knowledge, allowing them to better explore and understand their information.   Additional information: Docs The AI Show’s Favorite […]

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AI Startups

Should You Launch an AI Startup in 2020?

Machine Learning with Phil has a great video: Should you cash in on the AI hype train? Should you build a more sustainable software business? I’ll share my thoughts on whether or not you should start your own startup or not.

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Science Space

The Expanse – Blue Origin Cast Visit

Science fiction draws its inspiration from science and, in return, science fiction often inspires science. Think of the Star Trek communicator from the 1960s that evolved into the cellphone of the 90s. Here’s great video exploring the intersection of hard science and science fiction and how one inspires the other. The cast of The Expanse […]

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Azure Developer

Building Serverless Web Applications with Blazor and Azure Functions

In this episode, Jeff Hollan from the Azure Functions team comes to discuss the benefits of pairing Blazor webassembly applications along with Azure Functions. Useful Links Learn about Blazor Blazor and Azure Functions for Serverless websites Get started with Azure Functions Jeff’s Blog

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