Day: November 27, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles

The State of Self-Driving Cars

As millions of Americans hit the roads today for Thanksgiving travel, I wonder how different it would be if self-driving cars were the norm. CNBC explores the current state of self-driving cars. More companies are trying to bring self-driving cars to the masses than ever before, but a truly autonomous vehicle still doesn’t exist. It’s […]

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Azure Business

How to Monetize Your SaaS Solutions on Azure

Learn how you can publish your SaaS solution and start generating revenue by making it available to potential buyers on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Ercenk Keresteci joins Scott Hanselman to cover the technical details of integrating a solution with Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, including how to use scripts for provisioning and de-provisioning a customer. Related […]

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AI GameDev

An AI that Captures Your Hair Geometry from Just One Photo

Two Minute Papers takes a closer look at the paper “Dynamic Hair Modeling from Monocular Videos using Deep Neural Networks.” 

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AI Mathematics

Gilbert Strang on Linear Algebra, Deep Learning, Teaching, and MIT OpenCourseWare

Lex Fridman interviews Gilbert Strang on Linear Algebra, Deep Learning, Teaching, and MIT OpenCourseWare. Gilbert Strang is a professor of mathematics at MIT and perhaps one of the most famous and impactful teachers of math in the world. His MIT OpenCourseWare lectures on linear algebra have been viewed millions of times. This conversation is part […]

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