Day: November 14, 2019

Mapillary maps objects detected in imagery using deep learning in 3D
Computer Vision Deep Learning TensorFlow

Converting 2D Imagery Using to 3D with Deep Learning

Here’s a practical example of using AI to convert 2D images into 3D. To make this happen, Mapillary needed to figure out a technology that could turn 2D imagery into 3D object location data. Additionally, the solution needed to be scalable so that lots of imagery could be processed and analyzed quickly. Read more

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AI Speech and Voice

AI Can Clone Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds

Two Minute Papers highlights the paper “Transfer Learning from Speaker Verification to Multispeaker Text-To-Speech Synthesis” An unofficial implementation of this paper is available here. Note that this was not made by the authors of the original paper and may contain deviations from the described technique – please judge its results accordingly!

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AI Future

Elon Musk on Neuralink, AI, Autopilot, and the Pale Blue Dot

Lex Fridman interviews Elon Musk in this fascinating podcast. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and a co-founder of several other companies. This is the second time Elon has been on the podcast. You can watch the first time here: This conversation focuses on the incredible engineering and innovation done at […]

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Breaking Free of Data Center Legacy Thinking

This video posted by Microsoft has an interesting look at the challenges holding companies back from digital transformation in the cloud era. What if we could store data in such a way that we never had to worry about quality loss or degradation? Microsoft Partner Deputy Lab Director Ant Rowstron shares his thoughts on redesigning […]

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Azure Big Data

Big Data Cluster Administration

This video provides an overview of administration experiences for BDC (Big Data Clusters). In big data clusters, we ensure that management services embedded with the platform provide fast scale and upgrade operations, automatic logs and metrics collection, enterprise grade secure access and high availability.

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