Day: November 9, 2019


Factories in Space

Microgravity can be used to unlock old materials and make new ones in ways that can’t be replicated on Earth. Private companies know this, and are leading the charge toward the next gold rush. But can they turn low Earth orbit into a home for the next industrial revolution?

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What Boosts / Shrinks Your Brain?

Ever since my concussion three years ago, I have been fascinated by the brain and how to nourish it. A major breakthrough in quantum tech allows us to see brain activity in far greater detail than ever before. Pindex examines the fascinating research going on this space.

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Future Quantum Computing

What If We Had Working Quantum Computers Today?

What If ponders what the world would be like if we already had quantum computers. I’d hold off on their advice about throwing out your old computers though. Get rid of your old computers, because the future of technology has arrived! It’s not artificial intelligence or virtual reality; it’s something called quantum computing! And it […]

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Containers Data Developer

Working with Entity Framework & Docker

Julie Lerman shares some insight and great tips for working with Entity Framework in Docker. You will see thing tips for working with the SQL Server Docker image, using environment variables for passports, using the Docker tools for Visual Studio and so much more! Useful Links EF Core in a Docker Containerized App EF Core […]

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