Day: November 8, 2019

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Fantasy Football

Data Scientist, Laura Edell shows us how she dominates her Fantasy Football league by using Azure Machine Learning. Additional Resources:

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Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Pipelines

With Azure ML Pipelines, all the steps involved in the data scientist’s lifecycle can be stitched together in a single pipeline improving inner-loop agility, collaboration, and reuse of data and code, while maintaining high reliability. This video explores Azure Machine Learning Pipelines, the end-to-end job orchestrator optimized for machine learning workloads. Learn More: Azure ML […]

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Quantum Computing

Lunch & Learn: Quantum Computing

Professor Andrea Morello, Professor of Quantum Engineering at University of New South Wales, takes us on a journey through the inner workings of a quantum computer. He gives an accessible introduction to the physical principles that underpin quantum information, and highlights the differences and similarities between classical and quantum processors. Professor Andrea Morello, Professor of […]

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AI Deep Learning

Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning

Microsoft Research features a talk by Wei Wen on Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning (slides) In deep learning, researchers keep gaining higher performance by using larger models. However, there are two obstacles blocking the community to build larger models: (1) training larger models is more time-consuming, which slows down model design exploration, and (2) inference […]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Inside Lyft’s Self-Driving Car Lab

CNBC got a first look inside Lyft’s level 5 lab, where it builds self-driving cars that are being tested on roads now. Self-driving rides are also available to select Lyft passengers in Arizona and Las Vegas, where Lyft opened its app to autonomous vehicle companies Waymo and Aptiv. Lyft says it’s completed more than 75,000 […]

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AI Hardware Interesting

Inside Taiwan’s Tech Industry

BBC Click heads to Taiwan to find out what ‘Made in Taiwan’ really means in the 21st century; from healthcare artificial intelligence to solving the pollution crisis.

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Data Data Driven

Live from the PASS Summit 2019 Expo Hall

Andy walks around the PASS Summit 2019 expo floor and bumps into his favorite editor to brainstorm some new book ideas. This is part of our on going coverage of PASS 2019 Summit. Let us know in the comments how we’re doing and what you’d like to see. Live video version of this Data Point […]

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Data Future Hardware

Project Silica – Storing Data in Glass

Microsoft Research posted this video about Project Silica, a research project that was highlighted earlier this week at Ignite 2019. Data that needs to be stored long-term is growing exponentially. Existing storage technologies have a limited lifetime, and regular data migration is needed, resulting in high cost. Project Silica designs a long-term storage system specifically […]

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