Day: November 5, 2019


Microsoft Ignite 2019 Day 2 Livestream

For the best live stream experience head over to the best live stream experience head over to

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Model interpretability in Azure Machine Learning service
AI Azure Ethics

Model Interpretability in Azure Machine Learning Service

Data scientists need the ability to explain their models to executives and stakeholders, so they can understand the value and accuracy of their findings. The ability to interpret a generated model is crucial to ensure compliance with company policies, industry standards, and government regulations. Here’s an interesting write up on Model Interpretability in Azure Machine Learning […]

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Data Data Driven

Andy Leonard is on the Way to Seattle for PASS 2019

In this Data Point, Andy talks to us outside of a Waffle House in Raleigh about announcements from Ignite and his upcoming trip to the PASS Summit. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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AI Azure Machine Learning

No Code Deployment and Enriched Model Registry with AML Service

In this episode of the AI Show, explore updates to the Azure Machine learning service model registry to provide more insights about your model. Also, learn how you can deploy your models easily without going through the effort of creating additional driver and configuration files. Learn More: Learn more about Azure Machine Learning service Try […]

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Introduction to TensorFlow 2.0

TensorFlow 2.0 is all about ease of use, and there has never been a better time to get started. In this talk, learn about model-building styles for beginners and experts, including the Sequential, Functional, and Subclassing APIs. We will share complete, end-to-end code examples in each style, covering topics from “Hello World” all the way […]

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How New Satellites Could Change the Internet

Wall Street Journal explores the future of satellite internet. The most reliable streaming providers have typically used cable to deliver content. But that’s all changing with the launch of new and better satellites that could one day give us 5G, low latency data. The Wall Street Journal speaks with the chief of the International Bureau […]

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