Day: November 3, 2019

Data SQL Server

Introducing Data Virtualization

One of the most eagerly anticipated features in SQL Server 2019 is data virtualization. This video gives you a practical overview of the technology so that you can quickly get started with this exciting new feature. To learn more, check out the documentation.

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Training Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the subject of an art exhibition at London’s Barbican Museum. It looks at AI data training and how it can be interpreted differently by humans. As always BBC Click has great coverage.

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Science Solar

World’s Largest Batteries

Practical Engineering explores a scalable (and unexpected) means of mass energy storage. Electricity faces a fundamental problem that comes with pretty much any product that’s provided on-demand: our ability to generate large amounts of it doesn’t match up that closely with when we need it. The storage of electricity for later use, especially on a […]

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Interesting Virtual Reality

Digital Storytelling

Computerphile explores on how to use VR to capture visitors’ commentary on museum pieces. Jocelyn Spence talks us through the VRtefacts system.

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Azure Containers

Getting started With Monitoring and Alerting for Kubernetes

A quick introduction on how to think about setting up alerting and monitoring for applications in Kubernetes. What do you get out of the box, how can you integrate more advanced metrics and add your own custom monitoring and alerting to reliably operate your application. Resource links cloudnative-c9-shboyer

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