Day: November 2, 2019

Highlights from TensorFlow World in Santa Clara, California 2019

Highlights from TensorFlow World 2019

O’Reilly has a a great round up post from the first ever TensorFlow World conference that took place earlier this week. People from across the TensorFlow community came together in Santa Clara, California for TensorFlow World . Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event. TensorFlow World 2019 opening keynote Jeff Dean explains why […]

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Developer Python

Python Vs. C#

Chris Hawkes compares the Python Programming Language and the C# Programming Language in this video. As a C# developer that has switched to Python, I find both languages powerful and flexible. More importantly, both are viable languages, just for different types of tasks.

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AI Science

Building a More Brain-like Computer

Our brain has 86 million neurons connected by 3 million kilometers of nerve fibers and The Human Brain Project is mapping it all. One of the key applications is neuromorphic computing – computers inspired by brain architecture that may one day be able to learn as we do.

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Welcome To Your Home in Space

Bloomberg takes a look at the future of non-terrestrial real estate. Over the past few decades, the International Space Station has allowed astronauts to live, work and conduct research in microgravity. But with the station’s planned retirement by 2030, private companies are being asked to create the next generation of space habitat.

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Azure Containers

Simple Application Management on Kubernetes with Operators

Operators are a new cloud-native paradigm for managing applications and off the shelf software in Kubernetes clusters. This video provides an introduction to the core operator concepts and how you can apply them to simplify your software management. Resource link:

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