Day: October 14, 2019


The Story of IBM Watson Winning in Jeopardy with David Ferrucci

Lex Fridman has a conversation with David Ferrucci. David Ferrucci led the team that built Watson, the IBM question-answering system that beat the top humans in the world at the game of Jeopardy. He is also the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of Elemental Cognition, a company working engineer AI systems that understand the world […]

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Introduction To DevOps Tools & Stages – DevOps For Beginners

As AI and Machine Learning become more crucial to the enterprise, systems and processes need to be put in place to manage the output of data science teams: the machine learning models. This is a field commonly referred to as MLOps and, not surprisingly, is based hon DevOps. edureka! explores the basics of DevOps in […]

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Site Updates

Happy 24th Birthday, Frank’s World!

On October 13, 1995, I uploaded a few HTML, GIF, and JPG files up to the 1.4 MB space onto a web server my ISP gave me for free. This bundle of files was the very first incarnation of Frank’s World. Originally, it was an online version of the Weekly World News.  Looking at the […]

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Machine Learning

How to use C# in a Jupyter Notebook

Jon Wood shows us how to install the C# Jupyter Kernel and then uses it to build a ML.NET AutoML experiment with the DataFrame package. Installation instructions – Notebook – Sample Notebook from Microsoft –

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