Day: October 5, 2019


Origami Robots that Reshape and Transform Themselves

Jamie Paik explores more creative forms of robots. From the video description: Taking design cues from origami, robotician Jamie Paik and her team created “robogamis”: folding robots made out super-thin materials that can reshape and transform themselves. In this talk and tech demo, Paik shows how robogamis could adapt to achieve a variety of tasks […]

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Modernizing Windows Server File Shares with Azure File Sync

Orin Thomas joins Donovan Brown to show how you can use Azure File Sync to tier unused files from file shares to the cloud, and to simplify replication of files and folders to different file servers in your organization      Related links: Deploy Azure File Sync Planning for an Azure File Sync deployment Cloud Tiering Overview […]

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AI Google

Google’s AI Plays Soccer

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Google Research Football: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Environment.” Obviously, when they say “football”, they mean soccer.   Source code:: Related blog post:

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