Day: September 20, 2019

Data Data Driven

Back from Vegas and a Data Warehousing OpenHack

In this DataPoint, Frank reflects on how useful DataBricks is in a data warehousing environment. That and the importance of coffee after a red eye flight. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Machine Learning Python

5 Beginner Friendly Steps to Learn Machine Learning

This video by Daniel Bourke breaks down practical steps on how to learning machine learning with Python.

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The Million-Dollar Hacker

Bloomberg’ Next Jobs interviews Tommy DeVoss. DeVoss used to break into websites illicitly. But after serving time for his crimes, he now uses his skills to earn an honest living. Through arrangements known as bug bounty programs, companies pay him to find security holes in their systems. He’s now earned more than $1 million in […]

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Machine Learning Neural Networks

How Backpropagation Works

Brandon Rohrer explains back propagation using plumbing.

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