Day: September 6, 2019

Computer Vision Maker Robotics

JetBot: Jetson Nano Vision-Controlled AI Robot

ExplainingComputers takes a closer look at the “JetBot,” a computer vision powered robots built on top a Jetson Nano.

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Philosophy Fridays

Why Stoicism Matters

For this week’s Philosophy Friday, here’s a great presentation no Why Stoicism Matters.

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Azure Machine Learning

Docs on Azure SQL Database Machine Learning Services

Overview of the new documentation on Azure SQL Database Machine Learning Services (Preview). More resources:

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AI Research

Learning-Based Sketching Algorithms

Related to a previous post on Data Driven Algorithm Design, this talk from “Geometry of Deep Learning” 2019 event at Microsoft Research

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Career Data Science

Real Talk with Facebook Data Scientist

Here’s an interesting chat with a data scientist at Facebook.

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