Day: August 18, 2019


What is a Vector Space?

Vector Space sounds like a great name for a retro video game. Socratica explores one of the fundamental objects you study in abstract algebra. They are a significant generalization of the 2- and 3-dimensional vectors you study in science.

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Autonomous Vehicles Economics of AI

Inside The City Where Waymo Tests Self-Driving Vehicles

In Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Waymo’s fleet of 600 minivans shuttling people from place to place. Ordering one feels almost exactly like calling a Lyft or Uber, except for one thing: the vans drive themselves. Alphabet’s Waymo has been testing self-driving vehicles in Arizona since 2017 and we got a look at what […]

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Python Automation Ideas

Here’s an interesting video chock full of ideas for Python automation projects by  Kalle Hallden. Skip to the 0:53 mark to avoid the long intro.

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