Day: August 9, 2019


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Here’s the first episode of Crash Course AI with Jabrils.

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Philosophy Fridays

Taoism and the Philosophy Of Flow

For today’s Philosophy Friday, here’s a look at a well-known concept that has emerged from Taoist philosophy is wu wei, that can be translated as “non-action”, “effortless action”, or the paradoxical “action of non-action”. Watch this video to explore this concept and what is has to do with “flow” and even a resemblance to stoicism. 

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

George Gilder on Why Blockchain is the Future

George Gilder, author of Life After Google, argues that bitcoin and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Internet. In this video, sit down with Peter Robinson to discuss technology, cloud computing, big data, and the growing role of blockchain in innovating new technologies. From the description: Gilder argues that cloud computing, while it was the hot […]

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Economics of AI Future Interesting

Why Facebook is Building a City

Here’s an interesting look at how rising demands for software engineers, the Great Recession, and free lunches have to do with Facebook building a city. And what that means for the future of local governments.

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Azure CosmosDB

Debugging and Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB Performance

Deborah Chen joins Scott Hanselman to share some best practices on how to debug and optimize Azure Cosmos DB for better performance. Watch as they go through the common issues newcomers to Azure Cosmos DB run into with respect to performance and how to solve them by tuning Request Unit (RU) cost and choosing a […]

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Design NodeJS

Web Scraping with NodeJS

Once upon a time, I wrote a Windows UWP/Windows Phone utility kit for screen scraping data. This was the topic for my first MSDN article ever! Here’s a an updated take on screen scraping done in NodeJS.

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Top 10 Machine Learning Frameworks You Need to Know
AI Machine Learning TensorFlow

Top 10 Machine Learning Frameworks You Need to Know

Edureka has compiled a list of the top 10 Machine Learning frameworks you need to know. Spoiler alert: TensorFlow is on that list! Read the whole list at

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How PCL is Breaking Ground with IoT in the Construction Industry

In this episode of IoT Transformers, listen to Chris Palmer, manager of advanced technology services at PCL Construction to see how IoT will change construction. In the past few years, PCL has taken the construction industry by storm with groundbreaking disruption in the “least transformed” industry.  Learn about their journey, the keys to their success […]

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Origins of Grep

One of the more endearing aspect of Unix is the history of some of its utility programs. Grep was written overnight. In this video by ComputerPhile, learn why and how did it get its name as professor Brian Kernighan explains.

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Career Microsoft

Mission-Driven Careers with Amanda Silver

Amanda Silver explains how she accelerated her career with customer understanding and how she harnesses a sense of mission to stay motivated to achieve more.

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