Day: August 7, 2019

Career Life Hacks

10 Speed Learning Techniques

Siraj Raval shares his secrets for learning new skills rapidly and how he has fun in the process. I’m going to show you a day in my life in this episode. These are the daily habits that I practice to optimize my ability to learn and thus serve you better. I consider my body an […]

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WPA3 Passwords Still Vulnerable and Capital One Hack Breakdown

Hak5, a great YouTube channel focused on IT security issues, has an insightful look at the Capital One hack.

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AI Assisted Software Development and Diagnostics

With the shift from boxed products to services, rich data is available from all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. By leveraging this data, AI can assist software engineers, break down organizational boundaries and make our products more robust. This video from a recent Microsoft Research event demonstrates several AI powered features like reviewer […]

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Quantum Computing

How will Quantum Computing Change the World?

The Economist has a great explainer video of what quantum computing will mean for the world.

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