Day: August 6, 2019

Data Driven Data Soup

Listener Mail: NoLock, Virtual Summits, and the Scientific Method

In this episode, Frank and Andy answer some your questions! Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Get started with AI using ML.Net and Model Builder
AI Microsoft

Get Started with AI Using ML.Net and Model Builder

Machine Learning is red hot right now and entering the field can be daunting for newcomers. There are new languages, tooling, and frameworks to learn on top of very deep mathematical concepts. Here’s a great article on ML.NET and how it brings familiar programming languages and techniques into the tools developers use every day. That’s […]

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Detailed guide to using Dask for data science and machine learning
Data Science Machine Learning

Using Dask for Data Science and Machine Learning

Have you wondered whether there could be an ultimate solution to speed up your data science work via parallelizing Pandas and NumPy? Can you boost the speed by integrating all of these data frames with libraries like XGBoost or Sklearn? Well, then Dask may be just what you’ve been wanting all along. Dask is a […]

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GermanWiper isn’t ransomware. It’s worse than that

What Makes GermanWiper Worse Than Ransomware?

Recently, the tech press is full of stories about “a new ransomware strain” called GermanWiper, that has hit German businesses hard in the last week. Rather like a typical ransomware attack vector, GermanWiper, arrives in your inbox in the form of an email. Worse yet, it’s not ransomware. Ransomware at least provides a slim glimer […]

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Best Laptop for Programmers 2019

It’s back to school season here in the US and Siraj Raval offers his advice on what laptops programmers (and aspiring programmers). If you’re a programmer and looking to decide which laptop to get in 2019, I’ve developed a set of recommendations for you based on 3 different budgets! In this episode, I’ll explain my […]

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Design Python

Typesetting With Python

At PyLondinium19, Brandon Rhodes talks about his typesetting library in Python.

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