Day: July 17, 2019

AI Economics of AI

Kai-Fu Lee on the 2 AI Superpowers – China and Silicon Valley

Lex Fridman sits down the great Kai-Fu Lee to talk about his life and work in AI across the US and China.

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Data Science Pandas Python

25 Python Pandas Tricks

Kevin from Data School shares 25 tricks for Pandas.

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Azure IoT

The No Code Way to Connect Sensors to Azure IoT

Sensors that connect to a Windows or Linux gateway can be connected up to Azure IoT thru a simple JSON configuration- No code needed. Watch this episode of the IoT Show to see how! Learn more about the IoT Plug an Play bridge: Try Azure IoT for free:

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AI Powered Virtual Characters Learn To Work Out

In this video, Two Minute Papers takes a closer look at the paper “Scalable Muscle-actuated Human Simulation and Control.” Think of the medical applications of this technology.

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