The State of AI in 2019

The state of AI in 2019: Breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, games, and knowledge graphs

Just imagine where AI was just 5 years ago. Sure, neural networks have been around for decades, but they were not practical for the average business problem. Think of all the breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, and more just in 2019.

Here’s an interesting report, aptly titled State of AI Report 2019 published on June 28. In it, Benaich and Hogarth embark on a 136-slide long journey on all things AI. From technology breakthroughs and their capabilities to supply, demand and concentration of talent working in the field. There are even special sections on the politics of AI and AI in China.

The report lives up to Benaich’s goals as set in his reply. The first 40 pages of the report, which comes in the shape of a slide deck, are focused on progress in AI research — technology breakthroughs and their capabilities. Key areas covered are reinforcement learning, applications in games and future directions, natural language processing breakthroughs, deep learning in medicine, and AutoML.


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