Day: May 30, 2019

AI Neural Networks

CNN Output Size Formula

In this video, deeplizard debugs the forward method and review the tensor shape transformations as well as the formula to calculate convolution output size.

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Lecture 16 – Monte Carlo Tree Search

In this video, Stanford professor Emma Brunskill explore Monte Carlo Tree Search and how it applies to reinforcement learning.

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Azure Blockchain

Workbench 1.7 and Azure Blockchain Service Integration

In this episode of BlockTalk, get an overview of how you can easily deploy and leverage Azure Blockchain Service with Blockchain Workbench.      Related links: Azure Blockchain Service Azure Blockchain Workbench Follow @CH9  Follow @MSFTBlockchain

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Azure IoT

IoT at Microsoft Build 2019

If you missed the Microsoft Build event or couldn’t get to the IoT booth, here is a little walk-through showing some of the demos that were showcased. Catch up on all that happened during MS Build for IoT: Try Azure IoT for free today:

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Lex Fridman Interviews Siraj Raval

In this video, two great minds collide as Lex Fridman interviews Siraj Raval.

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