Day: May 24, 2019

Natural Language Processing

Create a Bot in Minutes with the QnA Maker Cognitive Service

Here’s a great segment from Build 2019 on the recent updates to the QnA Maker Service.

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AI Economics of AI Infographics

Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First

Doctor Who recently released an episode looking at a future where robots took up most of the workforce. In that reality, companies had to hit a “biological quota” of 10% of their employees being human. A silly, unrealistic future, right? Well, maybe not. Recent research from RS Online has found there’s a very real possibility […]

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AI Future Science

How Close Are We to a Complete Map of the Human Brain?

What if we could fully map the inner workings of our brain, could we understand disease, consciousness, and what it is that makes us human. The only thing is in the way right now is the sheer engineering challenge of the task –There are more connections in the human brain than there are stars in […]

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Quantum Computing

How Quantum Computers Could Change the World

In this video from ColdFusion, take a look at quantum computers and they promises they hold for the future.

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