Day: April 26, 2019


The Art of Writing Software

Computer History Museum has a video on the art of writing software. From FORTRAN to sophisticated programs in use today, discover the technology, creativity, hard work, and technique behind these elegant languages. Software pioneers share their stories.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Elon Musk Unveils Plans For a Tesla Ride-Hailing App

In this video summary, Elon Musk shares his vision of turning private cars into a fleet of self-driving taxis and a new income stream for Tesla owners.

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AI CivicTech Economics of AI

The Future of Work – Jobs and Automation in Estonia

Estonia may be a small country, but it has made enormous progress in transforming itself into a leading AI and e-government superpower. Vice takes a closer look at the glimpse of the future e-Estonia provides.

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How Blue LEDs Changed the World

Here’s an interesting video discussing the origins of LED lights, why they are are important to the environment, and how blue LEDs made a massive impact on the world.

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Taking Buttons in Power BI Desktop to the Next Level

Adam Saxton from Guy in a Cube is joined by Amanda Cofsky to learn how you can use buttons, in Power BI Desktop, to take your reports to the next level.

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