Day: April 18, 2019

From research to reality: How the cloud is powering AI
AI Azure TensorFlow

How the Cloud is Powering AI

In case you haven’t noticed it, we are in the middle of an AI boom. ML Engineers and Data Scientists are among the hottest job titles right now. What is behind all this innovation? Is it breakthroughs in AI research? Yes. But there’s a more fundamental reason that AI is taking off right now: the […]

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Data Science Mathematics

The Mathematics of Randomness

Randomness comes up quite a lot in statistics. Statistics comes up a lot in data science. Therefore, I think you will all enjoy this video from MajorPrep about the math around randomness.

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CNET on What AI Can Do Today

Explore the current state of the art in AI in this video from CNET.

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Autonomous Vehicles

A Sneak Peek at an Unreleased Version of a Self-Driving TESLA

The YouTube channel Like Tesla gets an early look at an as-of-yet unreleased version of a Tesla Model 3 with additional self-driving capabilities. When you see her call the car from her phone reminds me of watching Knight Rider when I was a kid, where Michael Knight would summon his car, KITT, with a call […]

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AI Machine Learning

Hannah Fry – Should Computers Run the World?

Dr. Hannah Fry explores the power of algorithms, AI, and pigeons in this talk from the Royal Institute. From the YouTube description: Algorithms are increasingly used to make decisions in healthcare, transport, finance and security. How can they best be used and what happens when things go wrong?

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AI Generative AI

Ian Goodfellow: Generative Adversarial Networks

Lex Fridman interviews Ian Goodfellow, the author of the popular textbook on deep learning (simply titled “Deep Learning”). He coined the term Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and with his 2014 paper is responsible for launching the incredible growth of research on GANs.

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