Day: April 9, 2019

Regression using Tensorflow and multiple distinctive attributes
Data Science TensorFlow

Regression Using Tensorflow and Multiple Distinctive Attributes

Here’s a great tutorial on using TensorFlow to do regression with multiple distinctive attributes. As we did in the previous tutorial will use Gradient descent optimization algorithm. Additionally, we will divide our data set into three slices, Training, Testing, and validation. In our example, we have data in CSV format with columns “height weight age […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Stanford Reinforcement Learning – Lecture 2 – Given a Model of the World

Professor Emma Brunskill of Stanford University talks covers the fundamentals of reinforcement learning in this second lecture of the course “Reinforcement Learning Winter 2019.” (The first lecture is available here)

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Deep learning enables robust assessment and selection of human blastocysts after in vitro fertilization
Computer Vision Deep Learning TensorFlow

Deep Learning in IVF

Here’s an interesting article in Nature about the use of AI in evaluating embryos with AI — another use of computer vision in the medical field. Could this bring down healthcare costs? What if the algorithm mislabels an embryo? Are there ethical implications? Deep learning algorithms, in particular convolutional neural networks (CNNs), have recently been […]

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AI Startups

How to Build an AI Startup with PyTorch

Siraj Raval explores the ins and outs of PyTorch, deep learning, and entrepreneurship in his latest video.

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Leveraging HPC to Accelerate Virtual Drug Screening
Big Data TensorFlow

Leveraging HPC to Accelerate Virtual Drug Screening

Here’s another story of how big data and high performance computing and TensorFlow is reshaping medicine as we know it. Virtual drug screening has the potential to accelerate the development of new treatments. Using molecular docking, molecular dynamics and other algorithms, researchers can quickly screen for new drug candidates. This saves the enormous expense and […]

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