Day: April 2, 2019

Azure IoT

Azure Blob Storage on Azure IoT Edge

Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is a light-weight Azure Consistent module which provides local Block blob storage. It comes with configurable abilities to: Automatically tier the data from IoT Edge device to Azure Automatically delete the data from IoT edge device after specified time. Learn more:  Create a Free Account (Azure):

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SQL Joins Tutorial For Beginners

Here’s a great tutorial for beginners (or refresher for seasoned pros) on the basics of SQL Joins (Inner, Left, Right, Full Join).

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Regression using Tensorflow and partition of data for robust validation.

Regression Using Tensorflow and Partition of Data for Robust Validation.

Here’s a good code-heavy tutorial that uses the  Gradient descent optimization algorithm. It also explores the idea of splitting data into 3 parts. Additionally, we will divide our data set into three slices, Training, Testing, and validation. In our example, we have data in CSV format with columns “height weight age projects salary”. Assuming there […]

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AI Data Driven Economics of AI

AI Will Impact Every Business

In this Data Point, Frank ponders the wider impact on jobs and businesses related to self-driving cars that are not immediately obvious. From driving schools to truck stops, everyone will feel the change.The question then becomes: how can we prepare the workforce for the impending upheaval in the job market? Will teaching to the test […]

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