Day: March 18, 2019

AI Business

AI Business School

I am excited that I can now finally talk about this initiative publicly: an online AI training course geared towards business decision makers. Is your company AI-ready? Learn more about AI strategy, culture, responsibility, and technology through our insightful AI leadership series. Click here to learn more

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Data Science Is Now Bigger Than 'Big Data'
Big Data

Data Science Is Now Bigger Than “Big Data”

Forbes points out that the term “Big Data” has been eclipsed by “Data Science” in the hype cycle. However, the Great Hype Cycle resembles Game of Thrones and I think we can all agree that “AI” or “Machine Learning” is next to sit on the Iron Throne of Hype. In a world in which “big […]

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AI Interesting Philosophy Fridays

How Unaware Things Became Aware – the Origin of Consciousness

In sci-fi and popular culture, there is much talk about when “AI becomes self-aware/conscious” and then bad things will happen to humanity. Aside from being somewhat an overplayed theme, it raises several profound questions. What is consciousness? What is self-awareness? What is sentience? There are no easy answers that could withstand scrutiny. For me, this […]

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Data Science

Complete Data Science Course for Beginners

If you’re curious about getting into Data Science, then here’s a great free resource: Edureka video on Data Science. You can watch an end to end, detailed and comprehensive knowledge dump on Data Science. This Data Science video will start with basics of Statistics and Probability and then move to Machine Learning and Finally end […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Economics of AI

To Lower Cost of Self-Driving Cars Waymo Starts Selling Sensors

Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google Alphabet, is selling the laser-mapping sensors used on its driverless vehicles to other companies. In the video below, Waymo CEO Tekedra Mawakana discusses the move with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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15 Great Articles about Bayesian Methods and Networks
Data Science Mathematics

15 Great Articles about Bayesian Methods and Networks

Here’s a curated list of articles on Bayesian methods and networks. An Introduction to Bayesian Reasoning Basics of Bayesian Decision Theory How Bayesian Inference Works Marketing Insight from Unsupervised Bayesian Belief Networks Bayesian Nonparametric Models Using Bayesian Kalman Filter to predict positions of moving particles Naive Bayes Classification explained with Python code Wheel Of Fortune […]

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These Mysteries May Never Have Been Solved Without Mathematics

The next time someone tells you that math has no practical application, tell them about the solved mysteries mentioned in this video.

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Generative AI Neural Networks

Liquid Splash Modeling With Neural Networks

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Liquid Splash Modeling with Neural Networks” in his latest video.

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Getting Started with Infrastructure as Code

Armon Dadgar (@armon), HashiCorp CTO and co-founder, and Aaron Schlesinger (@arschles) walk us through the core concepts of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and how it goes beyond what people typically think when they hear “Infrastructure.” They break down the what, when, how, and why IaC makes developers’ lives easier, whether you’re running a simple application […]

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