Day: March 15, 2019

Machine Learning

Introduction to Clustering and the K-Means Algorithm

If this post from the other day piqued your interest in unsupervised learning, then check out this deeper dive into clustering and the K-Means algorithm.

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Machine Learning Mathematics

Math for Machine Learning Part 1 – Linear Algebra

A recent post on the math needed to do machine learning got me thinking and, when I get to thinking, I get to searching. I found this course on YouTube on Linear Algebra. In it, you’ll learn what linear algebra is and how it relates to vectors and matrices. Then look through what vectors and […]

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Azure IoT

Heat Maps and Image Overlays in Azure Maps

In this video, learn about the heat map and image layer visualizations in side of Azure Maps. Heat maps are used to represent the density of data using a range of colors. They are often used to show the data “hot spots” on a map and are great to help understand data. The heat map […]

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AI Future

Q&A with Bill Gates on 2019 Breakthrough Technology

MIT Technology Review sits down with Gates to talk about breakthrough technologies, China, and reasons to be cheerful about the future.

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Quantum Computers Can Now Do Machine Learning - We Just Need To Build One That Works
AI Machine Learning Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers Can Do Machine Learning – We Just Need To Build One That Works

Researchers at IBM have drafted some new algorithms designed specifically to take advantage of quantum computers’ unique properties. The only catch is that we still need to build the computer. While designing algorithms before the computers themselves may sound backwards, this has happened before. Computational models for conventional computers date back to the 1800s when […]

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Overview of Azure App Service Deployment Center

Learn how App Service Deployment Center helps you follow agile development best practices to automate deployments of your code in seconds      Related links: Continuous deployment to Azure App Service Azure App Service overview Azure App Service docs Create a free account (Azure)

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The Math Required for Machine Learning
AI Machine Learning Mathematics

The Math Required for Machine Learning

Normally, I say the best way to get started with machine learning is to do machine learning. So, strictly speaking, there’s no “required math” to get started and follow along with online tutorials. However, if you want to take your AI game to the next level, then it’s time to get deep into the math. […]

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Philosophy Fridays

Noam Chomsky on Mind, Consciousness, and AI

Noted linguist Noam Chomsky on mind, consciousness, artificial intelligence and the Turing Test.

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