Now that AI has “escaped the lab,” there are two main questions: what’s next and how is next?

One of the more pressing questions that I am occasionally asked by customers and non-AI believing developers is “AI is great and all but who else besides Microsoft, Google, Netflix, etc is actually using it?”  What they’re really asking is “How can AI really benefit my business if I’m not [insert large tech company name here]?” 

Here’s a thoughtful piece from Data Science Central that explores that very question.

We know we’ve entered the era of exploitation of AI/ML but the $64 Billion question is how far along the curve are we and who exactly has implemented and will implement? By the way, $64 Billion is a reasonable estimate of global market spend in roughly four or five years, about 6 times where we are today. And that investment should yield about $4 Trillion in business value in that same time frame according to Gartner.

Summary: Adoption of AI/ML by larger companies has more than doubled since last year according to these survey results from McKinsey and Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute. This new data gives us a much better idea of which global regions and which industries are adopting which AI/ML techniques. We know […]

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