Day: March 7, 2019

Reinforcement Learning TensorFlow

Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow with TF-Agents

In this video from TF Dev Summit 2019, learn how to use TensorFlow and Reinforcement Learning to solve complex tasks.

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Clean Water AI

Clean Water AI is a device that uses a deep learning neural network to detect dangerous bacteria and harmful particles in water. Users can see drinking water at a microscopic level, just like they would view footage from a security camera, with real-time detection and contamination mapping.

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Maker Robotics

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Motors

Jeremy Fielding has come up with a handy video introducing the concept of motor types, power, and references to how to wire, speed control, and use all the common types of motors with a focus on reusing motors salvaged from appliances and other sources. Steppers, BLDC, PMDC, single and three phase, universal motors, and more.

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Azure Developer

Five Things About Azure Functions

In this episode of Five Things, John Papa and Jeff Hollan bring you five reasons you should check out Azure Functions today. You can also listen to Jeff dive deeper into serverless on his recent episode of Real Talk JavaScript. Try it for  free here! Language Support here Run and debug locally: Code and test […]

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