Day: March 3, 2019


Tony Robbins on the Importance of Self-Education

Recently, this tweet popped up in my feed and it got me thinking Five years ago a well known person in the tech community & author of books you’ve probably read, spoke to a group of women just learning to code. She told us that none of us would succeed in tech without a CS […]

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A Retro Look at UNIX Operating System

Today, UNIX is everywhere and, through various distributions of Linux, sits on top of the technology world. Unix, however, goes back a long time – a really long time. In this video from the AT&T archives, take a look at UNIX when it was brand new. Take note of how the challenges of software development […]

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AI Economics of AI

AI in Customer Experience

The AI Today podcast has an interesting episode on the use of AI in customer experience and how chatbots, among other uses of AI, may herald a new age of better customer service. The fight for customer attention is fierce and companies are increasingly turning to technology to discover new ways to help. Artificial intelligence […]

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AI Google

Google AI’s Take on How To Fix Peer Review

Two Minute Papers goes a bit meta while examining the problem facing academic papers and Google AI’s proposal as outlined in the paper “Avoiding a Tragedy of the Commons in the Peer Review Process” is available here:

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Azure CosmosDB

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK 3.0

Kirill Gavrylyuk joins Scott Hanselman to discuss new improvements for Azure Cosmos DB SDKs, including the new, idiomatic .NET SDK with friendlier, more intuitive programming model, better testability, better performance, .NET Standard 2.0 support, and now open sourced.      Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK Version 3.0 now in public preview Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK […]

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Can You Recover Sound From Images?

Here’s an interesting experiment that demonstrates that sound can be reconstructed from analyzing vibrations in video images. Could your bag of potato chips being ratting you out?

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