Day: February 15, 2019

Azure Blockchain

Ethereum Name Service

In this video, get an overview of the Ethereum Name Service and the core features that are included.  This service can be helpful when building decentralized applications.

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Deep Learning Python

Applied Deep Learning with PyTorch (Full Course)

In this free PyTorch course learn the key concepts behind deep learning and how to apply the concepts to a real-life project using PyTorch and Python. The course covers the following: RNNs and LSTMs Sequence Modeling PyTorch Building a Chatbot in PyTorch

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Azure Containers

Using HashiCorp Vault with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

As the adoption of Kubernetes grows, secret management tools must integrate well with Kubernetes so that the sensitive data can be protected in the containerized world. On this episode, Yoko Hakuna demonstrates the HashiCorp Vault’s Kubernetes auth method for identifying the validity of containers requesting access to the secrets. HashiCorp Vault project website Get started […]

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Tesla Introduces Dog Mode

Here’s an innovation that is long overdue, Dog Mode. Tesla recently rolled out this feature that lets you leave your dog in the car safely and leaves a message on screen to let passers by that everything is ok.

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7 Amazing Developer Tools

Here are 7 great developer tools that you may not know about, but should start using today. BundlePhobia CloudCraft Figma Fontflipper Visbug Insomnia Flare

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Azure Security

HashiCorp Vault on Azure

Working with Microsoft, HashiCorp launched Vault with a number of features to make secret management easier to automate in Azure cloud. Yoko Hyakuna from HashiCorp joins Donovan Brown to show how Azure Key Vault can auto-unseal the HashiCorp Vault server, and then how HashiCorp Vault can dynamically generate Azure credentials for apps using its Azure […]

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