Day: February 14, 2019

Data Music

Database Skills–a Music Video

MongoDB created this jam from Sia’s Cheap Thrills. Impressive.

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Autonomous Vehicles

A Look at How Tesla’s AutoPilot Works

The YouTube channel Engineering Explained has a video exploring the Tesla AutoPilot system.

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PowerBI Desktop Updates for February 2019

The February 2019 update for Power BI Desktop has a preview of the new Key Influencers visual, which lets you perform key drivers analysis over your data with just a few clicks. There are also some major updates for Q&A with the addition of auto-generated questions and the ability to ask Insights related questions. And, […]

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Future Gadgets

Meet the Arcimoto

The Arcimoto is a three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle that is small, fast and incredibly fun to drive. The grand vision behind the Arcimoto is that people will use it for most of their day-to-day driving instead of relying on their bulky, gas guzzling cars. In this video, Ashlee Vance heads to the Arcimoto’s birthplace in Eugene, […]

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AI Economics of AI Machine Learning

Better Together: Humanity + Machine Learning

In this talk by a16z operating partner Frank Chen, given at the annual a16z Summit, Chen goes beyond the hype to look forward at how AI and automation will augment, enhance, create, and yes, replace humans…. but also highlighting what it is that makes us human to begin with.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Waymo’s Drago Anguelov Talks Self-Driving Cars at MIT

In this video, Drago Anguelov, a Principal Scientist at Waymo, talks about  developing and applying machine learning methods for autonomous vehicle perception and, more generally, in computer vision and robotics.

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AI Robotics

AI Learns Dexterous In-Hand Manipulation

Two Minute Papers explores the paper on Learning Dexterity and how robots are going to get a lot better and using their “hands.”

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Azure IoT

Introducing Spatial operations for Azure Maps

The ability to analyze data is a core facet of the Internet of Things. Azure Maps Spatial Operations will take location information and analyze it on the fly to help inform customers of ongoing events happening in time and space. The Spatial Operations we are launching consist of  Geofencing, Buffer, Closest Point, Great Circle Distance […]

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Azure Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection in Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed serverless offering on Azure. With the new Anomaly Detection functions in Stream Analytics, the whole complexity associated with building and training custom machine learning (ML) models is reduced to a simple function call resulting in lower costs, faster time to value, and lower latencies. Related links Anomaly Detection […]

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