Day: February 8, 2019

Career Data Science

Real Talk with Instagram Data Scientist

Springboard talks data science with Mansha, a data scientist at Instagram.

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Developer Javascript

Five Ways to Build Real-Time Apps with JavaScript

Burke is joined by Anthony Chu to discuss five different ways to build real-time applications with JavaScript. Also, Burke wears a wig to fulfill his hair dreams and Anthony crushes those dreams in real-time. Links: Anthony Chu on Twitter Long Polling blog SSE: Using server-sent events Web Sockets API SignalR at Azure SignalR Microsoft […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Kyle Vogt on Cruise Automation

In this video, Lex Fridman interviews Kyle Vogt,, the President and CTO of Cruise Automation. Cruise Automation leading an effort in trying to solve one of the biggest robotics challenges of our time: vehicle autonomy. He is the co-founder of 2 successful companies (Cruise and Twitch) that were each acquired for 1 billion dollars. This […]

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Logic Apps Connector to Ethereum Blockchain Networks

Here’s an overview of how to use Azure’s serverless Ethereum Connector to transform smart contracts into an automated, visual workflow using the rich Azure Logic Apps Connectors ecosystem. The video introduces the core concepts of Logic Apps and demonstrate a sample workflow triggered by a Solidity event, including how to read smart contract properties and […]

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