Day: February 6, 2019

Quantum Computing Science

Time Crystals Explained

The very term “time crystal” conjures up all sorts of sci-fi imagery. It turns out that they are very real and may be a major breakthrough for quantum computing.

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AI Data Driven

AI, Ethics, and Unintended Consequences

This week, this week I’m at (well, near) Microsoft’s headquarters just outside Seattle, Washington, attending internal, possibly even secret, training. In this impromptu Data Point, he chats with fellow attendees about AI, Ethics, and the ever-present Unintended Consequences of technological advancement. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at […]

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AI Machine Learning Python

Machine Learning with .NET, PyTorch and the ONNX Runtime

ONNX is a open format to represent deep learning models that is supported by various frameworks and tools. This format makes it easier to interoperate between frameworks and to maximize the reach of your hardware optimization investments In this episode, Seth Juarez (@sethjuarez) sits with Rich to show us how we can use the ONNX […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Spinning Up in Deep RL Workshop

In this video, Joshua Achiam explores reinforcement learning and exploring the OpenAI environment.

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Create a Power BI Streaming Dataset for Real-Time Dashboards

Patrick LeBlanc looks at how to create a Power BI streaming dataset and use that to create a real-time dashboard. You can easily use something like PowerShell to push data into the Power BI streaming dataset. [Demo files]

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