Day: February 1, 2019

AI Generative AI Neural Networks

Creating New Comics With Neural Networks

Using neural networks can you generate generate new, never before seen Garfield comics? CodeParade explains how it works.

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Philosophy Fridays

Optimistic Nihilism

KurzGesagt provides educational videos that inform and sometimes alarm. This video explains their somewhat paradoxical philosophy of “Optimistic Nihilism.” Given their German name (KurzGesagt means “quickly said” in German), I’m not surprised.

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Power BI Query Reduction when Using DirectQuery

Using DirectQuery in Power BI? Things slowing down and you want to make interactions snappier? Patrick from Guy in a Cube takes a look at how you can change a few settings to take the experience within Power BI to the next level.

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AI Data Science

Kaggle Days Paris 2019

In this video, Siraj Raval reports from the recent Kaggle Days event in Paris.

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Netflix Guide to Microservices

In an interesting behind the scenes look at Netflix’s engineering, Josh Evans talks about the chaotic and vibrant world of microservices. Starting with the basics- the anatomy of a microservice, the challenges around distributed systems, and the benefits,  he then builds on that foundation exploring the cultural, architectural, and operational methods that lead to microservice […]

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