Day: January 30, 2019

Mathematics Science

The Art of Logic – How to Think Like a Mathematician

In this talk given at the Royal Institute, Eugenia Cheng explores how anyone can think like a mathematician to understand what people are really telling us – and how we can argue back. Taking a careful scalpel to fake news, politics, privilege, sexism and dozens of other real-world situations, she will teach us how to […]

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Home Automation Mathematics Security

The Mathematics of Cryptography

We use cryptography all the time, but do we really understand the mathematical underpinnings? Here’s a great primer on the topic.

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Azure Javascript

Five Things About JavaScript in DevOps

What does Azure DevOps have to do with generators, Captain Kirk, and ponies? Where can you get therapy for your VB 6 scars? Why don’t Angular, React, and Vue developers have a cool logo like docker? How can you automate your development pipeline using whatever tools you want with Azure DevOps? We turn to the […]

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AI Data

Why Big Tech Wants Access to Your Medical Records

Tech giants like Amazon and Apple are expanding their businesses to include electronic health records, which contain data on diagnoses, prescriptions and other medical information. This creates both opportunities and privacy concerns. The Wall Street Journal takes a closer look.

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AI Machine Learning TensorFlow

Is this the Best Book on Practical Machine Learning?

Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit Learn and Tensorflow published by O’Reilly and written by Aurelien Geron could just be the best practical book on machine learning. In this review, Giles McMullen-Klein explains why and, having also read this book, I have to agree.

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Data Developer

Exploring Microsoft the Graph SDK

Microsoft Graph is a gateway to the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. It provides a unified programming model that you can use to take advantage of the data in Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10. In this episode we’re joined by Darrel Miller (@darrel_miller), PM for Microsoft Graph developer tooling. Darrel […]

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A Closer Look at Intelligent Retail

Get ideas about how to build engaging conversational applications using this fun retail example that leverages services from across Microsoft.

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Research Virtual Reality

AI Learns Real-Time Defocus Effects in VR

In this video, Two Minute Papers examines the paper  “DeepFocus: Learned Image Synthesis for Computational Displays” from Facebook Research.   Having a neural network synthesize depth and focus information from a two dimensional input can make more content usable for virtual reality or mixed reality uses.

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AI Robotics

Vision-free MIT Cheetah Robot

MIT’s Cheetah 3 robot can now leap and gallop across rough terrain, climb a staircase littered with debris, and quickly recover its balance when suddenly yanked or shoved, all while essentially blind.

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AI Deep Learning Gaming

First Match of Deepmind Starcraft 2

In case you wanted to see AlphaStar in action, here are highlights from the first math of AlphaStar (Deepmind) against TLO, a professional Starcraft 2 player.

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