Day: January 23, 2019

AI Neural Networks

What Makes a Good Image Generator AI?

Two Minute Papers explores three papers about what makes for a good image generation AI using GANs. Inception score – “Improved Techniques for Training GANs” – “Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality” – Inception score criticism – “A Note on the Inception Score” –

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What Happens When a Dog Meets Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog?

By now, you have likely seen videos of Boston Dynamics’ innovative robotic projects. Among the most famous are the “robot dogs.” But did you ever wonder what would happen if a real dog ever met one of their robot dogs? Well, wonder no more. As an added bonus, it’s a Schnauzer.

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Kubernetes in 2019

.NET Rocks interviews Jessica Dean, a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, to talk about Kubernetes, containers, and more. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page. Show Notes It’s 2019, do you know where your containers are? Carl and Richard talk to Jessica Deen about her work with containers and […]

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Azure Computer Vision Natural Language Processing

Cognitive Services: Learn by Doing

Understanding the wide variety of sample projects that teach you how to use Cognitive Services GitHub Samples here Studybot (development credit to Winona Azure): AI School at Microsoft: AI Gallery at Microsoft: AI Lab:

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Power BI Secure Embed

In this video, Patrick LeBlanc of Guy in a Cube takes a look at the new Power BI Secure Embed. If you have been using Publish to Web internally, you need to look at this feature as it is the perfect replacement that adds a secure option for easy, friction-less, embedding.

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Azure CosmosDB

Five Reasons Why You Should Check Out Cosmos DB

In this episode, Burke and Jasmine Greenaway bring you five reasons that you should check out Cosmos DB today. They also play a dangerous game of Jenga with an oversized tower made out of 2×4’s, and someone nearly gets crushed. Jasmine Greenaway on TwitterCosmos DB IntroCosmos DB / C# / JavaScript App TutorialCosmos DB / […]

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AI FinTech

Flash Crash Documentary

This documentary examines the Flash Crash of 2010, when on May 6th 2010, the fastest and deepest U.S. stock market plunge ever occurred.

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Developer Javasscript

Is VSCode only good for JavaScript?

In this video from One Dev Minute, Ramya Achutha Rao examines the flexibility of VS Code and why it is so adaptable to a number of languages and not just JavaScript.

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Tomaso Poggio on Brains, Minds, and Machines

In this video, Lex Friedman interviews Tomaso Poggio as part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast and the MIT course 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence Tomaso Poggio is a professor at MIT and is the director of the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines. Cited over 100,000 times, his work has had a profound impact on our […]

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AI Alexa Natural Language Processing

The Future of Voice Assistants

BBC Click is at Amazon HQ in Seattle this week to check out the state of voice technology and where it may one day lead us. Hint: it can go a lot further than home automation or reading the news.

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