Day: January 3, 2019

AI Future

AI and the Super Future

In this video of a keynote presentation, Jeremy Gutsche dives into artificial intelligence and the AI mechanized future in an AI talk that explores how artificial intelligence trends will change your future, particularly as you combine innovation in AI with robotics, interface, bio enhancement, 3d printing, mind reading, sustainability and thought control.

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Azure Blockchain

IPFS in Azure

This video introduces the use of IPFS (Interplanatory File System) in a consortium setting.  The concepts of how this technology can be helpful to remove centralization of storage that is not part of the block in the blockchain is shown.  Along with this is a short demonstration of how the marketplace offering for IPFS in […]

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Is Big Auto/Oil Facing Imminent Doom

Here is an interesting look at the current state of the electric vehicle market with some cogent thoughts on the future of the internal combustion engine. It looks like 2023 could be an interesting year indeed. I will add that, as I was recently in the market for a new car, I did not want […]

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Azure IoT

Demo of BeSense Built on Azure Digital Twins

Winvision has leveraged the spatial intelligence capabilities of Azure Digital Twins to build BeSense, a smart building application that provides realtime data that optimizes space utilization and occupant experience. Remco Ploeg, a Solution Architect at Winvision demos the application. Learn more about BeSense: Learn more about Winvision: https://www.winvision.nlLearn more about Azure Digital Twins: a […]

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Examining the Method Robot

CaptainDisillusion is a VFX expert who examines viral videos for evidence of special effects trickery. His videos are always entertaining, informative, and, if you’re interested in video effects, utterly fascinating. In this video, he breaks down a demonstration of the Method Robot, an exoskeleton clearly inspired by science fiction. The robot is real, but it may […]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Solving Traffic with Self-Driving Cars

BBC Click has a look at self-driving cars and how the congestion of southern California may inspire innovation around the future of the automobile.

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AI Economics of AI

The Global Race for AI Superiority

CaspianReport has an interesting video on the geo-political implications of AI and the economic & political power that comes along with being a leader in AI research and implementation.

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BBC Click Explores Battery Technology

Technology show BBC Click looks at all things battery: from how to keep your smartphone charged to the mountain storing energy in lakes.

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