Day: December 27, 2018

Career Data Science

5 Steps to Ace Data Science Interviews

In case you haven’t noticed, Data Science has become more and more popular as a career choice as it offers both lucrative salaries and the opportunity to have a huge impact. The Data Science interview process is challenging, but with dedicated practice you can succeed. In this video, Siraj Raval outlines the 7 steps to […]

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Computer Vision Data Science Python

Build a Pet Detector in 30 Minutes or Less

Ever wondered what breed that dog or cat is? In this show, you’ll learn how to train, optimize and deploy a deep learning model using Azure Notebooks, Azure Machine Learning Service, and Visual Studio Code using Python. Using transfer learning to retrain a mobilenet model via Tensorflow to recognize dog and cat breeds using the […]

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Machine Learning TensorFlow

TensorFlow Machine Learning for Programmers

In this talk from the most recent O’Reilly AI Conference, Laurence Moroney from Google talked about Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning and more, and how they fit the programmers toolkit. He introduced what it’s all about, cutting through the hype, to show the opportunities that are available in Machine Learning. He also introduced TensorFlow, and […]

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