Day: December 7, 2018

Azure IoT

Deployment and UI Customization of an IoT Remote Monitoring solution

Customizing the Web UI has never been easier with the recently released in code walkthroughs. Follow along in this video as Olivier and the team customize an out of the box solution remote monitoring solution and make it our own. Learn more about solution accelerators: Learn more about customizing the remote monitoring solution: Create […]

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Deep Learning Neural Networks

A Deeper Understanding of Deep Learning

Kaggle has a series of videos on Deep Learning and this video does a great job of explaining gradient descent, loss functions, and other fundamentals of deep learning. Plus, that’s a really cool t-shirt.

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Machine Learning Robotics Windows

Windows Machine Learning: Models and Features

Killian and Rosane along with guest star Rufus the robot! discuss loading models and understanding how to determine a given model’s expected inputs and output features. For more information about Windows ML check out

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Five Things About GitHub

Phil Haack joins John Papa on this week’s FIVE THINGS to talk about (more than) five things about GitHub. Links from the show: Ignore white space in code review blog post Keep your project boards up to date, automatically blog post Github Desktop Analyzing GitHub Issue Comment Sentiment With Azure blog post Azure Sentiment Analysis […]

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AI Economics of AI Robotics

Could Las Vegas Be the Next Rust Belt?

Sin City has been booming for the last 20 years, providing plenty of jobs and affordable housing that other cities in the US have been losing steadily during the same time period. But is that party about to end? In this Al Jazeera documentary on the economic impact of AI and robotic automation(watch part 1 […]

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AI Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks

Here are parts 1 and 2 of a series by The Coding Train about the fundamentals of neural networks. Part 2: The Perceptron

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