Day: December 3, 2018

Big Data Mathematics

Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning

In this lecture from MIT, Jeremy Kepner talks about his newly released book, “Mathematics of Big Data,” which serves as the motivational material for the D4M course.

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AI Computer Vision

Introduction to the Intelligent Kiosk

One of the great sample apps that show off the art of the possible is the Intelligent Kiosk sample application. In this video, Noelle LaCharite shows how to use this sample application to learn cognitive services and test applications that you are infusing with AI.

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AI Autonomous Vehicles Robotics

The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk

Here’s an interesting video by Al Jazeera focusing on the impact of AI and robotics on the automation of the workforce. Robots are already changing jobs as an endless array of robots enter our everyday lives. From trucking to service work to high-end jobs like doctors and lawyers, this documentary explores how robotics and artificial […]

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7 Tips for Creating Technical Content

Between my regular MSDN column, Frank’s World TV, the Data Driven podcast, and this blog, it’s safe to say that I create a lot of technical content. While much of this is second nature to me now, here’s a great video from the Open Source Show with Adron Hall and Christina Warren. Based on their experiences […]

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Azure Blockchain

Introducing the Azure Blockchain Development Kit

This video introduces the Azure Blockchain Development Kit, highlighting new samples that show case three key themes Connect – Connect users, organizations, and devices to blockchain solutions, highlighting IoT, SMS, and Bots. Integrate – Integrate to existing legacy systems and protocols, highlighting legacy (FTP, Flat File) and media. Deploy – DevOps for blockchain using Azure […]

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Science TensorFlow

TensorFlow and Nuclear Physics

Find out how does TensorFlow applies to nuclear physics in this episode of TensorFlow Meets, as Laurence chats with TensorFlow Software Engineer, Ian Langmore. Learn about power generated from nuclear fusion, new plasma generator machines, and how TensorFlow is helping with plasma measurement. Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel to stay up to date with Google’s open […]

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China’s Factory of Ideas: Live Streaming

Here’s an interesting look at Chinese internet culture and its future as an internet powerhouse, starting with live-streaming startup Lively. Plus, a reference to an American live streaming success story in Staten Island.

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AI Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing with D-Wave

In this video, Siraj Raval explores the use of quantum computing in AI and, along with some wicked VFX, uses D-Wave’s new service.

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AI Robotics

Accessibility Technology that’s Changing Lives

BBC Click takes a closer look at the advances in robotics, AI, and 3D printing that are improving people’s lives.

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Azure IoT

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators and Tracking the Pizza Cat Van

There’s not much more that I can add to the description of this video: Oh no! Pizza cat is having a hard time knowing if his pizzas are being delivered purr-fectly. Customers have been complaining about cold pizzas being delivered to the wrong houses! Come see how Pizza Cat uses a Remote Monitoring solution to […]

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