Day: November 12, 2018

Machine Learning Windows

Overview of Windows Machine Learning

What is Windows Machine Learning and why should you care? In this video, Killian and Rosane walk through these questions and clarify the positioning and capabilities of this powerful AI inference engine.

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Data PowerBI

Quick Look at Power BI Dataflows

In this YouTube video Adam Saxton takes a quick look at Power BI dataflows, a data preparation tool within Power BI. Use the power of Power Query to shape your data and leverage the Common Data Model.

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AI Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning

MIT’s Alexander Amini delivers this lecture as part of their Introduction to Deep Learning 6.S191 class.

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AI Machine Learning

Common AI Terms Explained

Edwin shared a tweet that encapsulates all the common AI terms Whatever you need to know about #AI#ML #DL #ComputerVision@MikeQuindazzi @evankirstel @psb_dc @diioannid @SpirosMargaris @helene_wpli @Paula_Piccard @mclynd @andi_staub @ipfconline @LouisSerge @jerome_joffre @ahier #edmuke @Ym78200 @3itcom @jblefevre60 — Edwin (@edmuke) November 12, 2018

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Move 37 Explained

The great AI Wizard Siraj Raval explains Move 37, reinforcement learning, and the future of human work in this video.

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AI Reinforcement Learning

AI LEARNS to Play Hill Climb Racing

Code Bullet has video on how it learned how to play a hill racing game. Some foul language, Linkin Park soundbytes, and random shenanigans. Entertaining.

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Azure Data Data Driven

Data Driven at PASS 2018 Roundup

While I was at UVA presenting at Datapalooza, Andy was at PASS 2018 recording DataPoints for along with roving reporter Tim McAliley. Here’s a round up of their stuff. SQl Server Managed Instance PASS 2018 is this week in Seattle, Washington. Andy is on site and he even has a booth for Enterprise DNA! Rumor […]

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AI Azure Computer Vision

Computer Vision Object Detection with Cognitive Services

The AI Show has just uploaded a new episode that takes a quick tour of computer vision and see an example of how to use the Custom Vision service, object detection model to solve a fun use case.  

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Turing Test Themed Game Show

Jabrils has an interesting concept here: a Turing Test themed game show.

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