Day: November 8, 2018


AI learns to play 2048

Here’s an interesting tutorial video on how to teach an AI to play a game called 2048

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Developer IoT Microsoft

IoT and .NET with Bryan Costanich

Is .NET ready for the Internet of Things? Carl and Richard talk to Bryan Costanich about the current state of IoT and how his startup Wilderness Labs is building next-generation hardware that runs .NET! Bryan talks about how microcontrollers have gotten much more powerful today, but the programming stacks are still back in the 80s. […]

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AI Drones

AI Drone Flight Controller

Drones can help detect anomalies in crop yields, provide companies with physical assets a real-time continuous data stream, and help secure locations by giving teams an aerial view. In this video, the great Siraj Raval shows how a drone can learn to navigate a novel, complex environment using an advanced reinforcement learning technique called Deep […]

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Azure and SAP HANA Infrastructure Automation with Terraform and Ansible

Page Bowers and Donovan Brown discuss how SAP customers are moving to Azure to take advantage of SAP-certified HANA virtual machines such as Azure M-series. Learn how you can use Terraform and Ansible to speed up SAP HANA deployments on Azure in 30 minutes as opposed to hours or days. For more information: Automated SAP […]

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