Day: October 26, 2018

Data Science

All About that Bayes

In case my previous post had left you wanting to know more about Bayes’ Theorem. With apologies to Meghan Trainor.

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AI Data Science

A Friendly Introduction to Bayes Theorem and Hidden Markov Models

Here’s a great introduction to Bayes Theorem and Hidden Markov Models, with simple examples. If you understand basic probability, then you can follow along.

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AI Azure

Train Machine Learning Models with Azure ML in VS Code

In this video, watch step by step guidance on how to train machine learning models using the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI extension and Azure Machine Learning service. To learn more see go to the documentation page!

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AI Robotics

Building a Robot to Fight Loneliness

For decades, we’ve dreamed of robots that can be our companions. Now, Danielle Ishak is trying to build one. Named ElliQ, this robot is aimed at the elderly who live alone, and it’s in the homes of about a dozen beta testers in the Bay Area. Ishak’s task is to study these seniors’ interactions with […]

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